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TOMORROW !!! We are hosting Best Car show of the Year in Southern California

Sunday, October 16, 2016 Santa Anita Car Show !!!


On the right you will find a QR Code. that will take you to the registration site for the Santa Anita Show. Scan this code with one of the many free applications available for smart phones of all types. If you don't have, or don't care to use the app, please click on this code and you will be taken to the event registration site.
Click here to go to our Club History Page where you will find scans of some GREAT historical documents provided Original Road King Jay Lewis

Follow this link to our Road King Charities page of our website. Each year our club donates substantial money to varied charities in the Burbank area, and this year (2016) was no different.

The Road Kings of Burbank were established in 1952 in Burbank, California.  The Club was initially formed as a racing club….with a few hot rods mixed in. Many of the early members had reputations for their drag racing exploits. In this web site you will be enjoying many of these exploits past and present.

Over time the club has become more hot rod than racer oriented, but the club still has a number of members that race in NHRA and in Nostalgia Drags along with numerous other types of organized racing organizations. Racing aside… It is very common for 20 to 30 cars to go for a long weekend to taste wine, enjoy dinner, and even display their cars at a car show.

The Club produces two charity car shows a year to benefit the high school auto shop programs, community-based help organizations and other recognized charities. Donations from the Road Kings events have topped $375,000 in the last decade alone.

In 1999 at the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion, The Road Kings were recognized as the Justice Brothers Spotlight Club. Other recognition has come from the Congress of the United States, Eagle 1, City of Burbank and others, for the charitable and civic exploits of the club. With over 100 members, the Road Kings continue the Racing and Rodding traditions of the past

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